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Try French Fare At Lüke This July 23
Jul 2015

By: Felicia DElnnocentiis

As part of its Visiting Chef Dinner series, John Besh’s Lüke San Antonio will host Chef Todd Pulsinelli for a night of New Orleans-inspired cuisine.

Lüke dinner features August chef
Jul 2015

By: Edmund Tijerina, My San Antonio

Lüke, 125 E. Houston St., is hosting Todd Pulsinelli on July 23 for the next installment of the restaurant’s visiting chef dinner series. Pulsinelli is the executive chef of August, in New Orleans. He’s teaming up with Lüke’s executive chef, John Russ, to serve a five-course menu that intertwines August’s traditional French fare with the flavors and ingredients highlighted at Lüke. Items include grilled peach and goat cheese salad, potato-crusted oysters and roast duckling with blackened foie gras.

Jul 2015

One of my favorite restaurants on the riverwalk, Lüke, has been hosting a series of visiting-chef dinners that are a foodie’s dream.

Açaí Bowls Make It To SA, Charc Week Is In Full Swing And More
Jul 2015

Finally, the winners of Dorcol Distilling Company's first-ever boozy ice cream social include people's choice winner Lüke San Antonio with its spiked caramel ice cream, Kinsman rakia, ginger, apricot-salted honey drizzle and chocolate sauce created by pastry chef Latoya Boisley. A La Mode Gelato took home Critic's choice for SA's Helado Borracho with The Romeo & Juliet of strawberry and lavender sorbet, Limoncello and a Kinsman rakia and ginger granita, which will be served as a special throughout next month at the shop (1420 S. Alamo St., 210-788-8000)

A Tasty Taste of New Orleans in the Alamo City
Jul 2015

San Antonio’s super sandwiches destined to add pep to your lunchtime step
Jul 2015

By Edmund Tijerina, San Antonio Express

Sure, the Earl of Sandwich gets the credit for inventing the food staple that bears his name, but the concept of placing food between slices of bread actually goes back to the first century. Jewish sage Hillel is said to have sandwiched paschal lamb and bitter herbs between pieces of matzo.

The name “sandwich,” though, can be attributed to the fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu. According to Bee Wilson’s book “Sandwich: A Global History,” Montagu called for slices of cold beef placed between slices of bread, sometime between 1748 and 1751.

Flicks and Food
Sep 2014

Lüke San Antonio Dinner at Rebecca Creek Distillery a Huge Success