Chef John Russ

Chef John Russ was born and raised in New Orleans and grew up with a deep love and appreciation for food. He began his culinary career first at The Ritz-Carlton then Restaurant August where he began to form the relationship with John Besh and his company that would bring him to San Antonio. During his time at August, he learned the importance of forming relationships with farmers and fisherman, which would later be reinforced by his time working on farms in Alabama, New Hampshire, New York and Maryland. Chef Russ spent years in Europe opening hotels, training staff, setting kitchens up for success all while gaining an appreciation of the European kitchen, which focuses on the education and evolution of the staff. After time in New Hampshire, New York and Maryland, spent honing his skills and revitalizing restaurant kitchens, Chef Russ returned to the Besh Restaurant Group as Chef de Cuisine on the invitation of Chef Besh. He now leads the kitchen at Luke San Antonio as Executive Chef.